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As a suburban-based family orientated legal practice your interests are of paramount concern to us. Therefore here at Edser Lawyers, we offer a service, at no cost to you, whereby you can send us a query and we will come back to you with a prompt response. 

We will provide you with an answer as to whether or not, objectively speaking, a lawyer will be of assistance to you in your specific situation. If we believe you do, we will also provide you with an assessment of costs.

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With Over 30 Years Of Experience

We are the lawyers you can trust

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With over 30 years of legal experience, Esder Lawyers specialises in legal advice at an affordable cost

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Purchasing & Selling Property‚Äč

If you are selling or purchasing a residential property then Edser Lawyers can help you every step of the way

Wills & Estates

At Edser Lawyers we are here to help you plan for the future. We draw on vast practical legal experience to provide our clients with legal knowledge and advice across all aspects of wills, estates and trusts law.

Commerical & Corporate

We draw on broad practical legal experience to provide our clients with a wealth of legal knowledge and advice on all commercially relevant matters including those associated with the sale or purchase of a business.

Intellectual Property

Edser Lawyers uses more than 30 years of practical legal experience to bring you in-depth knowledge and specialised advice in relation to intellectual property law.

Real Estate, Construction & Property

Edser Lawyers offers a real estate, construction and property service based on over 30 years of extensive practical legal experience.

Family & Defacto

Edser Lawyers are here first and foremost to advise our clients on their legal rights and help them and their families through stressful situations.


In a fluent industry, Edser Lawyers understands the importance of equipping franchisees and franchisors with the knowhow to help them make smart, business-minded decisions

Litigation, Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Edser Lawyers draws on successful litigation and dispute resolution experience in Queensland to provide our clients with the information and protection needed to achieve their desired outcome.