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Edser Lawyers offers a real estate, construction and property service based on over 30 years of extensive practical legal experience. This covers the acquisition, development, shared occupation (leasing) and disposal of residential, commercial, industrial, retail and mixed-use property types for the high profile or suburban based client.

We take pride in our specialist property department being one of the most active and successful aspects of the firm. If you have a property related issue or are seeking any form of professional real estate advice we are here to ensure the protection of your interests with the highest legal service.

The range of services and advice we offer includes:

  • Extensive experience in dealing with residential, commercial, industrial, retail and mixed use property
  • Property acquisition and disposal across all property types
  • Due diligence
  • Advice on contracts
  • Sale and leaseback
  • Licensing issues
  • Construction and maintenance
  • Finances, securities and mortgages
  • Financial structuring
  • Drafting of commercial documents
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Negotiation of terms for freehold and leasehold property
  • Leasing services to agents, landlords, tenants and developers
  • Extension, surrender, assignment, variation and option of leases and subleases
  • Dispute resolution and mediation
  • Terms and obligations provided for in a Lease
  • Deed of mortgagee’s consent
  • Negotiation of property management agreements
  • Subdivisions, easements and caveats
  • Financing
  • Retirement home and villages
  • Aged care facilities

If you are seeking advice or require a service in relation to any of the areas outlined above then please contact us where you can call, email or send us a query.

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